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Your wedding day
captured in a unique painting. 


I am  Odilia and I'm going to make your big day a real eye-catcher. As a wedding painter I paint live at weddings and capture special moments on paper.

Live Event Malerei auf einer Hochzeit


The first dance, the wedding ceremony, the cutting of the wedding cake - every wedding has its own highlights. Choose your moment and have it captured in a unique painted wedding picture.

Wedding painting as an art form

A painting is unique and therefore has a special value that underlines the exclusivity of this unique day. Through my brush strokes I can capture the emotion and mood of the day and place. I can highlight elements in the image that mean a lot to the couple. As a wedding painter, I embody culture and contribute to an aesthetic and tasteful atmosphere. Not only the bridal couple can see the creation of the painting,  also the guests are invited to observe this process. 

Wedding painting from photo

Do you want a wedding painting that was painted from a photo reference? I paint your wedding photo and, depending on your wishes, I add elements, take them away or "teleport" you to another location.

What makes wedding painting so special?

I was a guest on the podcast WeddingTips for your big day.

Marry with Mary Weddings & Odilia Krause in a podcast interview


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