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Wedding coverage

A quick watercolor drawing of your guests is a great gift for your relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. The quick drawing will always remind them of your big day.

This is how it works

During the party, the guests can come to me, I'll take a picture of them and make an illustration within ten to fifteen minutes. They can choose between a full body sketch or a portrait. The guest drawings are then displayed together in a large picture frame. Later, everyone can take their illustrations with them and frame them, put them on their desks or hang them on the fridge. 

Benefits of a Quick Drawing Package 

The quick drawings are created with fineliner and then colored with watercolors. I use professional watercolor paper in size A5. You can book me for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 hours. In an hour I paint 4 to 6 illustrations. 
The price includes a preliminary talk, in which you can also tell me about special requests.

My prices are based on the time I will be painting live at the event. One hour costs €100.
Please note that it will not be possible to draw all guests if there are more than 60 people. A maximum of four people fit on one illustration.

Any travel or accommodation costs are not included in the price. 


Appointment requests

Thank you for your message!

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